Movies and books are filled with men and woman who save the world countless times from disaster.  And they are pretty cool right?  Men or women who can shrink to the size of an ant, fly, shoot webs, control lightning, run fast, do flips, or control things with mind, and be awesome like Captain America. 😉  These “super people” do amazing things that grab our attention and leave us wanting more when ever the movie is over.  Why?

We look up to their loving heroism and good they do because we want that in our lives.  We want to be like them.  Unfortunately, they aren’t real.  “What?!”  Ya sorry to break it to you but all of it is fiction.  However, there are real life superheroes…

Hidden under a different name these “secret” superheroes are called saints!

Saints are created beings (humans and angels, but I will be focusing on humans in this post) who are in Heaven.  The Catholic Church declares a person a saint when two miracles take place after someone prayed to that person.  Then we know they are in Heaven!

If you know the superhero Captain America, you know that he was a weak and broken character before he got the “soldier serum” that turned him into a superhero.  Because of his brokenness and then renewal we can relate to him because as Christians we were broken in sin and are renewed in Baptism.  (I totally encourage you to watch this awesome video to go a little more in depth on this)  Just like Capt. America, saints are ordinary people who have become extraordinary.  However just like superheroes, saints also had their weaknesses because they were human just like you and I.  St. Jerome had a temper, St. Therese of Lisieux had blasphemous thoughts, and St. John the Long Sufferer had trouble with Lust.  They all had their struggles, but they persevered and succeeded and are now in Heaven.

They know how hard it is down here on earth and want to help us.  They want you to ask them for help in your daily struggles because they want you to get to Heaven too.  Our whole purpose here on earth is to get to Heaven and nothing else should matter.

A saint is someone who has lived a heroic life and now has received his eternal reward.  We are all called to be saints.  Let me say that again: You are called to be a saint.  You are called to be a hero for Christ.  But “you cannot be half a saint.  You must be a full saint or no saint at all.” (St. Therese of Lisieux)  You have the opportunity to be a real life superhero!  What do you choose?

Check out Phillipians 3:13-14

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