Ever have those days when you feel alone or unloved and could use a hug from a friend.  I have many times.  We need the support of friends and family to survive in this hard life.  We are living the life of “Plan B” and so as result there is pain and affliction in this world.  Everyone is afflicted with sin and in times of trial we need the warm embrace of friendship.  However, also in times of joy God calls us to share our love with ones who feel they have none.  How can you make a difference in someone’s day?

  • Give your friend a hug and tell him/her how happy you are he/she is part of your life
  • Share your story with someone in pain (God may allows us to suffer so we can relate to others’ pain and share our story with someone who feels alone in their suffering)
  • Smile at someone you wouldn’t normally talk to or smile at
  • Send flowers or “thinking of you” card to someone who lost a loved one
  • Secretly leave a flower on someone’s desk
  • Sit silently with someone who just needs a shoulder to cry on

The list goes on…  There are countless ways to comfort the afflicted and I challenge you this week to find a way to perform this spiritual act of mercy.  I’d love to hear in the comments below what you decide to do!

We have finished all the corporal works of mercy and this is our first spiritual work of mercy in this Year of Mercy series!  If you’d like to read the last corporal work of mercy click here.