A quick flash of red and green shimmer catch my eye.  I swing my head around, but stop when I see a little emerald body with a sparkle of sapphire at its throat.  Hovering over my pink and purple morning glories, it catches the morning sunlight as it flits here and there over the dew-covered flowers.  Its wings are almost invisible, a whir at 50 beats per second.  The moment freezes as I stand motionless watching this jeweled bird, forgetting all about the summer heat to come and the countless weeds in the garden.  Its long tongue reaches into the flowers and then licks the nectar off its beak.  My mind seems lost in time as I gaze at this delicate fairy of life made by the big God who controls wind and thunder.  It is through this tiny bird that I see the gentleness and loving compassion of God.  The one, who during the days of creation made the light and darkness and the land and seas, also took the time to construct a miniature bird that may be missed by some in this busy life.  It is in those priceless moments when we slow down our day that we notice the beauty God has put in our life.