Anything created has a touch of its creator that makes it different from anything else.  If I were to make a batch of cookies and then you used the same recipe to make another batch, the two batches of cookies would turn out different.  That’s just how it works.  For example, I really like this chocolate tea that my friend makes for me when I go to her house.  But no matter what I do when I make it back at home it just doesn’t taste the same.  Even if the way its made is the same, the love put into or the love in the air has changed.  Everything made has the fingerprints of its creator in it.

God’s fingerprints are everywhere and His whole creation is a small glimpse of His unimaginable beauty.  From the shimmer and speed of a hummingbird, to the crack and boom of a thunderstorm, to, most importantly, you and I: the image and likeness of God, all point back to the Father and Creator of this world.  It is all a matter of whether or not you take the chance to see it.  Stop your busy life and feel the summer breeze, taste the chocolate melting in your mouth, hear the waves crashing against the shore, smell the bouquet of flowers in your arms, and see the beautiful you in the mirror.  Find the beauty in the little things of life and when you spot that, you’ll get a glimpse of the beauty of God.

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