Jesus has risen!  Alleluia!!  The stone over the tomb is broken and the gates of Heaven are open!!  No more death or sadness.  Because of Jesus’ Resurrection we now have joy and life within us.  And of course I’m also thinking, “No more Lenten sacrifice!”  I can go on Youtube and Pinterest, eat sweets, and be full of life because I am now out of the desert of Lent!  I don’t have to sacrifice anymore!  But wait that doesn’t sound right…

Just because Lent is over doesn’t mean I don’t have to sacrifice anymore.  Lent is a time to grow deeper in our prayer life, catholic faith, and become the “best version of ourselves” (Matthew Kelly).  But if we immediately go back to our old ways as soon as Lent is over, what was the point?  If we have strengthened our prayer life during Lent we should continue to let it grow and deepen.  Not stop and forget about it as soon as the Easter bells ring.  Now I’m not saying that from now on I can never go on Pinterest or Youtube because I gave it up for Lent.  But maybe abstain from it for a morning just to become a better person my denying myself for a few hours to offer up this sacrifice for a soul in purgatory and spend some extra time in prayer.  I know its hard and I’m guilty of it too.  It is so easy to slip back into old ways when there is no schedule or strict rule like in Lent.  But together we can do it.

Jesus spent 40 days in the desert before He began His public ministry.  He prayed, fasted, and sacrifice.  He was even tempted.  So He understands how hard it is to fight the temptation to eat meat or candy.  But He didn’t spend those 40 days to just go home and forget about it; He went out into the world to preach and teach the Truth.  His time in the desert was a preparation for his evangelization.  Lent was our preparation before going out to spread and live the Gospel.  Don’t leave Lent in the dust.  Make it the beginning of your new life.  The Easter season is here and life is in the air.

Now go out and live your new life to the full.