Love.  Probably the most overused word in the English language.  We use it for everything.  “I love this cookie.”  “I love my phone.” “I love my boyfriend/girlfriend.”  “I love Jesus.”  We use it so much that it has lost its meaning.  When I say, “I love this chocolate bar,” the feeling I have is completely different than the love I have for my friends.  What does love even mean?  The true meaning of love isn’t in the form of a heart or a rose or a kiss.  The true meaning of love is in the form of a cross.  The ultimate example of an act of true love is Jesus dying for you.  You may have only thought Jesus’ death was terrible and sad, but it is actually a beautiful love story.  The ultimate love story.  There was love when Jesus gave us His body and blood at the Last Supper.  There was love when He got down on His knees and washed his disciples’ feet.  There was love when Jesus looked into Peter’s eyes after Peter denied Him three times.  And there was the greatest love of all when Jesus gave his life on the cross.  Love means self-sacrifice.  Jesus sacrificed himself because He loves you so much and wants you to live forever in Heaven with him.  Jesus sacrificed his body and blood for his bride, the Catholic Church.  And He calls you and I to self-sacrifice each day to show our love for others, but also the love of Christ.