Have you ever realized how much our lives are like diamonds?  A diamond, which starts out as carbon dioxide, has to endure intense heat and undergo extreme pressure to turn into its present state.  It has to withstand great hardship and “pain” to transform into something beautiful.  Just like you and I!  We are flawed and broken by sin and the only way we can be made beautiful and perfect again is by going through hard trials and sufferings in this life.  But if we stay strong our souls will turn into diamonds in the next life: Heaven.  At the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday, we were reminded by the ashes on our foreheads that we were made from dust.  We were once dust, but through Christ’s help and our perseverance, He will “make diamonds out of us.”  I challenge you for the rest of this Lenten season to look at your sacrifices and pain in a new light.  Instead of complaining, think of it as one more step to becoming the unique and valuable diamond God wants you to be.

Below is a video of the song “Diamonds” by Hawk Nelson that inspired me to write this post.  This song really touched me and is definitely my new favorite song.  You should check it out!