“Do you know what you are going to do when you graduate?”  How many times have you been asked that?  This culture puts so much pressure on teens to have their whole life planned before they graduate: pick a college to give thousands of dollars to and choose a life-long career before even leaving the nest.  How can I know what it feels like to fly if I’ve never left the tree?There are thousands of jobs out there to choose from and I’m still trying to decide whether I enjoy certain things because I truly like them or just because I’ve been exposed to them.  So I ask God, “What do you want me to do?”  Because if He could answer that big question, my life would become a whole lot easier.  I keep asking God, but He hasn’t appeared to me yet with the answer.  He doesn’t seem like the hit-you-with-lightning type of God.  I’m still waiting.

Yet maybe that is the problem… today I was reading That One Girl by Christina Mead (by the way, GREAT book!) and she said, “You can’t complain about not knowing what God wants for your life if you don’t spend time in silent prayer every day.”  I’m sure you can agree with me, that is hard.  School, chores, sports, homework, and life are so time consuming and exhausting.  By the time the day is done I don’t have any energy or time to talk to God except a “thanks for today” and “help tomorrow be better.”  What if God has been trying to tell me His will this whole time, but I have been too busy to hear?  What if God’s answer for what He wants me to do is: “Stop, slow down, and listen to my voice?”  God might not want me to have my whole future planned out right this second.  He just wants me to trust that He knows the right path and He will guide me there if I will just trust Him.  The lamp He holds out for me is only lighting the path at my feet, but as long as I take the time to stop and listen, God with make sure I keep walking straight.  I just need to hold on to His hand.  But how do I know where His hand is if I never take the time to slow down and try to find it?  If I keep trying to see the dark path ahead of me I will lose focus of my feet and stumble along the way.  But that’s okay, because I have already done that.  I have stumbled many times, but as long as I hold fast to God’s hand He will help me back up again because He loves me and He doesn’t want me to do the wrong thing.  And He loves you too.  He wants you and I to take the right path.  He doesn’t want you and I to be unhappy for the rest of out life.  He created you for a purpose and fulfilling that purpose will make you the happiest.  But He doesn’t want to force you either.  He gave you free will to choose Him.  I want to choose Him, but the only way I can do that is if I stop, slow down, and listen for His voice.  What is your choice?