“Hey I’m thirsty many times throughout the day so whenever I give myself a drink that counts right?”  Countless times you have been thirsty, but a drink of water has always been easily accessible.  Whether you just walk across the room to turn on the faucet or pull over to a gas station for a bottle, it is not that hard to quench your thirst here in America.  But in many places like Africa, women have to walk miles to get their bucket of river water for the day and trace those miles back home with that heavy bucket on their head.  Every day.  But what can I do to quench thirst?

  • Offer to get a glass of water for my parents when they come home from work
  • Help a younger sibling get a drink
  • Fast by only drinking water for a day/week and offer it up for people who are thirsting for Christ
  • Is there anyone at your school, home, or work who is thirsting to be loved or told, “You are beautiful”?
  • Or you can take a BIG step and help this amazing foundation

I challenge you to find a moment this week to give drink to the thirsty.    I’d love to hear in the comments below what you did!

Click here to see how you can feed the hungry.