That day the thought of having gum disgusted me.  I had completely lost any desire.  Why?  Because My family and I decided to scrape gum off the pews at our church.  Yuck!  Yes, I agree, it wasn’t a glamorous job with me laying under a pew with a scraper and bag trying to chisel and pull off who-knows-how-old gum.  But what surprised me the most was how joyful I felt while doing it.  I wasn’t doing anything extraordinary and for all anyone cares, it won’t even affect them.  But why did it give me joy?  Because it affects Jesus.  When I was on my hands and knees I was reminded of Mother Teresa and Jesus.  Mother Teresa served the poorest of the poor.  She held people dying in the streets and cleaned people with maggot-filled sores.  I’m sure they stunk and were covered in waste and filth.  I heard one story which a new sister was helping her care for the sick.  The stench became so unbearable for the new novice that she had to step outside.  It wasn’t that Mother Teresa became used to the stench she just moved beyond it and didn’t think of the stench but the person as Jesus.  Mother Teresa’s job was one of the most unglamorous jobs of them all, but she did it anyways because of what Jesus did.  Jesus washed the feet of His disciples.  In that time to wash someone’s feet was considered the lowest and dirtiest jobs because it was.  Everyone was either barefoot or wore sandals and every day had to walk the dirty streets filled with manure and waste.  Despite all that, Jesus got down on His knees and washed their feet to teach them to do likewise.  It doesn’t have to be outstanding to be outstanding.  What!?  What I mean is, you don’t have to feed thousands of people to do an outstanding act of kindness.  You can just love one person, feed one child, serve one individual to show Jesus your love, but it shouldn’t stop at that.  It isn’t the act He sees, it’s the love done with it.  I was able to serve Jesus by cleaning His house.  Although no one will see the difference, God will and that’s what matters.