School is very time consuming and keeps my life so busy.  Especially this year my schedule has gotten busier and I know it will only continue to increase as I get further into high school.  But even in the midst of my crazy life I have found some spare moments to do the Best Advent Ever program by Dynamic Catholic and it has been completely changing my Advent and my life.  I totally recommend, if you haven’t already done so, to sign up even if Advent is already half over. What! How is Advent half way over!  The reason I bring it up is because the other day the meditation asked a question on whether Jesus was the center of your heart?  Is He?  I love Him so much and I when read this question I immediately thought “Yes.”  But then I thought again… Is He truly the center?  It is not as if I have an attachment to drugs or money, but do I to busyness?  Am I letting Jesus slip to the sidelines while I try to make deadlines and be on time, only to say “Hi” if I’m not tired or working?  But life is busy.  Culture is busy.  The world is busy.  Everyone is busy.  When the world ends, will people still be too busy to bend their knee before God?  Jesus wants to be your best friend and He is constantly ringing that phone in your heart hoping, just hoping, you will stop for a moment to pick it up and say hello.  I agree, it is hard.  Just like it is hard to go to sleep after your adrenaline has been riled up, it is hard to wind down to pray after a whole day of activity in the body and even more so in the mind.  Our body can’t survive without sleep.  Likewise our body can’t survive without time to wind down, not just over vacation but through prayer.  I need to take a step further to be ready for Christmas and I challenge you do likewise.  If I never give Jesus any of my time here on earth how can I spend the rest of my life with Him in eternity?  Am I ready for His coming?  He has already been born and each Christmas He comes again into our hearts, but one day “people will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory.” (Matthew 13:26)  School is important and I can’t just ditch it to become a hermit (I’m pretty sure God isn’t calling me to that) but I also need to ask myself what my priorities are.  Heaven?  Am I doing everything for the glory of God even in the midst of Algebra and Biology?  I’m pretty sure solving an Algebraic equation won’t get me to Heaven, but if I offer up the hard problems and my time to God then I can use it for the good of my eternity.  Christmas will be here before we know it.  Advent is already half way over, but it is never too late to start preparing.  Come join me in preparing for Christmas, so to prepare for Eternity.