It had been a hot day and it was a relief to step into the cool church.  Dipping my fingers into the cold holy water, I felt a sense of awe and reverence in the air.  That’s because when I looked up I met the eyes of Jesus, hidden under the appearance of bread, in the monstrance on the altar.  As I took a deep breath, I caught a whiff of incense and dropped to my knees.  After making the sign of the cross I slid into the long pew ready to begin my adoration.  It felt different inside this sanctuary form the outside world and I felt drawn to the host in the gold monstrance.  Why is it that my eyes can’t seem to stray from the altar.  Is it because in the middle of that bright golden sun rest Jesus?  Is it because when I come into this quiet church during adoration I am truly reminded that the host is no longer bread but Jesus?  That is Jesus and He deserves our adoration.  Seeing the crucifix on the back wall, I am reminded that He died for me so I could be with him for eternity.  He loves me so much He endured excruciating pain just so I could one day live in eternal bliss.  And He would do it all over again if needed.  My vision starts to cloud as tears fill my eyes.  Tears of gratitude.  Tears of awe.  Tears of joy.  I am unworthy yet He looks me in the eyes and says I am priceless.  I am helpless yet he says to me, “I am your strength.”  I am a sinner yet he spread out His arms on the cross and died for me.  He loves me and every one of His children.  I am unaware of the passing time while I kneel there praying and adoring.  And before I know it my time nears to an end.  It breaks my heart to have to leave.  Yet when my fingers once again touch the cold holy water I know that even though I am leaving, He will always be here waiting.  Waiting for me.