I am lost.  I am worried. I am scared.  I don’t know what to do or where to go.  I need help.  Lord help me.  I start thinking of the future and the decisions I will have to make sooner or later and it scares me.  What if I make a wrong one?  How do I know what your will is?  What if I’m too weak to undertake it?  Lord, take me into your embrace and hold me close.  Guide me down the path to Heaven.  I need you and I know you’ll be there.  I am weak, but you are strong.  This cross is big and I am small.  Jesus, you who have carried your cross before, help me now to carry mine.  For with you I have hope that I might just reach the end.  I will stumble and fall more times than I can count, but if I know you are there I will continue to lift my head and pick myself up with my eyes fixed on you.  For as my dear friend says, “No Cross, No Crown.”