It had been a hot summer day, but the heat was decreasing and the breeze was soft as the sun began sinking behind the trees. As the gate creaked open on its hinges, the gardener stepped into His flower garden.  He stopped and smiled as the fragrance greeted His nose, and the breeze kissed His cheeks.  It was nice to be were He loved.  Looking down he noticed the little flowers dancing around His feet.  They had grown and spread quite a bit over the past month, giving His garden more beauty and love.  They were His little children always giving Him joy.  As He looked up He spotted his majestic sunflowers with their heads turned towards the sun.  They were wonderful creatures with their eyes always fixed on their source of strength.  But He wondered, “Would they be humble enough to lower themselves?  If He chose them to be cut down would they hide their head in shame and fear or would they still stand tall?”  Shifting His gaze He let His eyes fall upon the flowers along the fence.  They had been struggling in the heat of the day, but although some had fallen there were still ones holding on.  He admired their persistence even after falling many times.  He stooped down to give them a drink of strengthening water.  Before He turned to leave, He noticed more intruding weeds that had popped up that day.  Bending to pull them, He shook His head and wondered if it was even worth it.  There were so many constantly trying to bring His children down and choke out all life and love.  He would never be able to get them all, but then, He knew His flowers were strong.  He would do what He can, but in the end it would be up to them.

Looking over my day what do I see, weeds or flowers?  Have I been kind and serving like an elegant flower in our Father’s garden or have my uncharitable words and actions torn down someone’s self-esteem and hopes like a weed chokes out life from a plant?  How many times have I been a weed today?  Is my soul overgrown with weeds or flowers?  Let us not let our roots advance too deep as a weed for the deeper the root or the more we do it, the harder it will be to pull ourselves back.  Let us instead take root as a flower so we will find favor in God’s (our Gardener’s) eyes and one day life forever with Him in Heaven.